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The scarlet curtain has been falling down for a few times. The flags kept by the "nfl clothing Girls" are still waving in the wind; the tears of the "Fu Zhang Girls" do not know if they have dry out; when they state "you are crazy", the various other side is no more angry, but normally returns for you a "I advise you to become kind"; if they make the girl happy, they no longer use of "you are my joy and beauty", rather. Alter to "you are my white moonlight".


All the people are cracking down on the strategy of nfl jerseys.


Why does this play fire? As well as the "Hua Hua Dao" is superb, I believe it made the target audience feel happy. These years we've been depressed enough by the victimized mistress and the dismal emperor. And "nfl jerseys strategy" is not, Wei started to kill folks from the first event, and Buddha blocked and killed Buddha.


Joel Bitonio Jersey was not very easily deceive by the concubines, but the foolish emperors who were being turned around by the concubines. When the sage people sang "palace wall willow, jade scratch, red and smooth hands" at Imperial Backyard in the evening, I really produced a sweat for the * cleverness of "big pig hoof". Luckily, he didn't disappoint me. He stated, "Prefer to sing, right, therefore sing in the imperial backyard tonight. Don't stop till dawn." Therefore he known as it a pleasure.


So people call it "Dark Lotus". She really was dark, not forgetting just how many people she got killed from the palace maid to the concubine, but before last show she stated, "Twenty-four years, you haven't forgotten your sister's vengeance." I all of a sudden understood that, yes, she was going to enter the palace to avenge her sister. She endured so many years, suffered so much, played so many online games, and appeared so light and cloudy that she really was dark enough.


But is there absolutely nothing else in her cardiovascular but revenge? No, she will. She had love for the emperor, affection for Fu Heng, affection for the empress, jade, like the auspiciousness of the start. But she did not neglect herself when she was in like.




Let's discuss some "bad guys" again: pure princess, er Qing, Yuan Chunwang. These people weren't bad in the beginning, but steadily darkened in the development of the plot. Finally, it is hard to escape the tragic ending. In fact, the procedure of their blackening may be the procedure for losing themselves.


For example, later. Regardless of how much you hate her, when the last event is staged, section of the hate turns into miserable. She was a poor man initial. She entered the palace as Taylor Lewan Jersey, longing for the like of Hongli, but understanding the danger of it, so she just sought to survive in the Imperial Palace, never to reach the concubine. It had been not until her family transformed that she produced a thorough change on that rainy evening. It can also be stated that she lost herself on that rainy evening, and since then all her lifestyle has belonged to the emperor's family pet, power, and emperor's favor, which she did not enter the first half of her existence. The harness of stuff may be the beginning of several people's tragedies.


It can't be said that she's no love. Actually if she was not blocking the iron for the emperor due to love, then within the last bout of the Dragon Boat Fire, she gave up the opportunity to get away with the prince and went crazy to save the emperor, it must be because of like. But why did she appreciate the emperor therefore much that she cannot get the like of the emperor? The very last thing he said was that those who spoke first had already lost.


One person loves another because he loves him, not because he is loved. That is shifting, thankful, not appreciate. If the emperor doesn't have self in appreciate, then the emperor must thank her on her behalf love, not for her.


Pure imperial concubine also. As she continued to write the term "spring peace" on the table, her character, her ego, acquired evaporated with the drinking water up for grabs. The bottom type of a person is present with the ego. This person is present, therefore does his important thing. If he loses his ego, underneath line disappears. So pure Princess produced a lot of crazy issues, of program, also payed for the cost of life.


She always feels that the queen is sorry on her behalf, Chang-lu is sorry on her behalf, and "entering the palace" is sorry for her, but if there is absolutely no queen, Chang-lu, not entering the Palace this matter, Fu Heng will love her? Someone's bottom line cannot attach his character to other folks and things.




Er Qinghe and Yuan Chunwang participate in another type. Instead of shedding themselves, they magnified themselves. Once "self" is definitely overthrown, it turns into selfish. They are both selfish.


Love may also be "get" and sometimes "give up". If you are in appreciate, you have to "obtain". When you can't get it, you must know how to give up. If you don't obtain it, you must require it. Demanding is usually selfish.


Take the Aaron Donald Jersey for example, she also offers not had the opportunity to obtain time, for instance Fu Heng promised the emperor to marry the ER Qing. As an viewers, of program, we know that Fu Heng had to make this decision to safeguard her, but she didn't know it. On her behalf, Fu Heng is certainly a modify of center, betrayal. It's the same as Yuan Chunwang's take on the fact that she left Yuanmingyuan, that is, to improve her heart, that's, to betray her.


The difference is that Luo chose the "house", while yuan Chun Wang chose revenge. What is his revenge? Who stipulates that Luo Luo is certainly his? He can only say that he is too self - conscious and assumes that depends upon should be his, therefore he just retaliated. Once revenge, this means digging a grave for yourself.

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