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The history of sports industry in the United States seems to be more like a history of technology development. On this continent, the world's top scientific and technological talents are gathered, and Silicon Valley can be called the vane of the world's science and technology. The so-called arizona cardinals jerseys, represents more of a means, they eventually have to find the output window, and sports has become a part of its can not be ignored.

Speaking of American sports, we have to mention the four major professional sports leagues in North America. Americans regard sports as a way of entertaining themselves, so the popular sports in North America have distinct American characteristics, football, basketball, ice hockey and so on, without exception. However, their attitude towards sports is also rigorous, which also provides the soil for the development of sports technology in the United States.

For Americans, the development of an event or even a sport is inseparable from technology, because the audience needs a constant sense of freshness. This fresh feeling comes from the wonderful competition itself, and of course, it needs more perfect details to do the ornament.

The NFL is undoubtedly North America's most successful sports league, as evidenced by television ratings, business income and sales of peripheral goods. But it's not easy to be a leader, and NFL managers have been working to build themselves into a technological, intelligent alliance. From a macroscopic point of view, this is the general trend of the whole sports field, other sports leagues are also exerting their efforts; from their own point of view, technology can change sports, starting with changing the details of the game.

What's hidden behind the NFL game today is a philadelphia eagles complex that can be felt by referees, coaches, players and even fans. Although the rules of the NFL are hard to beat, technology is now changing the way it is run and the way it is enforced.

jerseys wholesale, vice president of technology at NFL, said the NFL had a new NFL-Vision developed by his team, which demolished all stadiums and updated the playback system, including an IP address-based alliance internal communication system. As long as the computer can be placed in place, the relevant personnel can carry out voice communication, the ultimate goal is to improve the game's marketing rate.

"We want to have borderline cameras on all six sides of the court, and what we want to do is to be able to see the borderlines at a glance when there is a catch close to the borderline, and to see if the foot is inside or outside the boundaries when the player catches the ball." jerseys wholesale added.

Technology upgrading can make referee's work easier. Dean Blandino, vice president of refereeing at the NFL, said: "Usually on Sundays, seattle seahawks have about eight or 12 matches at the same time. At the playback center in New York, there's one person at each station watching the game and they're going to find out what might need to be looked back. Once there is playback demand, we can put on the headphones and playback officials to talk, the referee will watch the game in real time.

"We are always assessing the effectiveness of our work and the impact of this process on referees." "I think it's the best balance, the use of great technology, will make the game better, make it look safer. But I have to reiterate that NFL is, after all, a human sport, and that's what makes it great. Dean Brandino thinks so.

jerseys wholesale also said, "we don't know where the technology will go in thirty years. Now we use visual signals. In the future, we don't know what computers can do. The impact of penalties and errors on many competitive sports is obvious, and NFL is no exception. Technology is pushing for changes in the rules, perfecting the court and eliminating disputed penalties.

The use of technology to improve the quality of referees'enforcement may well be the positive side of the league as a whole. In addition, on-court technology can also help players and coaches improve the quality of the game and get timely feedback.

cheap nfl jerseys from china Technologies is playing an important role in NFL managers building a digital alliance with partners. "We are in the early stages of the so-called'sports revolution', and players'tracking technology will bring new perspectives to the sport that have never been seen or imagined before." Eric Petrosinel, general manager of cheap nfl jerseys from china Inc (Eric Petrosinelli) said so.

The MotionWorks system introduced by the company is part of the NFL "Next Gen Stats" project. Mike King, director of sports products at cheap nfl jerseys from china Technologies, described the system in detail. "Each player has two trackers on his body, one on each shoulder guard. These trackers flicker 12 to 15 times a second. Sensors in the stadium track the flickers and calculate them once tracked. We will track the tracker when the player is in position. We know which tracker is specific to which player, and these things come together as cleveland browns.

"We're trying to reduce the size of the tracker by 20% to 25% year by year, and when it's small enough, it can be placed at the fingertips of the gloves or at the heels. Now we can use it to judge the bounds of bounds. Mike.

In addition, cheap nfl jerseys from china Technologies has applied their trackers to game balls, working with NFL designated ball manufacturer Wilson. "We mainly provide them with a finished product tracker and they decide to put it inside the ball in various ways," says Mike King.

Wilson also hopes to get a boost in this area, and their vice president, Bob Thurman, says Wilson's new vision for the future will be primarily data-centric, with the ball monitoring statistics and the ball's position on the court, as well as the gear and distance required to get the first attack, or When can we reach the battle array?

This shows that the use of technology or data to assist coaches and players in training, games in the near future will become the mainstream. In addition to being used in official matches, the cheap nfl jerseys from china Technologies also intends to provide training data for the team. A handful of teams, such as the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49, are already in use. Eric Petrosinielli is looking forward to more teams working with them in the future.

In today's NFL arena, traditional tactical boards have disappeared, replaced by nhl jerseys's Surface tablet for coaches. As early as 2014, nhl jerseys signed a long-term contract with NFL for $400 million. In addition to regular advertising rights, the most prominent aspect was the use of the Surface Tactical Panel in the game.

nhl jerseys provides 25 Surface for each team, 13 of which are placed on the sideline of the tennessee titans. Each Surface has built-in self-developed border observation technology that allows players and coaches to study opponents'actions in real time. During the game, real-time image information is transmitted to Surface, where the trainer can mark, zoom in, zoom in, move, and archive the image. Compared with paper recording information, Surface greatly improves the efficiency of the coach.

However, not all team managers are buying this new way of coaching. Earlier this season, Patriot Coach Bill Belichick was caught on camera wrestling with the Surface Tactics Board in a game between the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bill. Bailey chick said in an interview afterwards that he still liked the traditional tactical deployment tools.

nhl jerseys responded by saying that changes are difficult and that adopting new technologies requires a long growth curve.

Technology invasion of professional sports league often has two sides, which requires alliance managers to weigh the pros and cons. But for a commercial alliance, the attitude of sponsors and spectators is usually persuasive. The perfect integration of technology companies with leagues and teams is a wonderful thing for professional sports.

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