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A total of more than 100 players, coaches and team owners from several teams of the National Football League (cheap NFL Jerseys) protested on Sunday that US President trump criticized the player's refusal to stand up when he played the national anthem. Instead of standing upright, they kneel on one knee and arm in arm at the start of the game.

The players said they were trying to draw attention to the discrimination faced by American minorities, including police violence against African Americans. Trump denounced the demonstrators. He again attacked the players' behaviour on Sunday night, calling it a great disrespect for our national flag and the state.

When asked by reporters whether his own behavior exacerbated tensions between the ethnic groups, trump replied, "no, it has nothing to do with race." I never said anything about race.

Trump first mentioned the theme of the National Anthem in a political rally in Alabama on Friday night.

Trump said: "don't you want to see the holders of NFL, when some players do not respect our national flag, they will stand up and say that the son of a bitch will come off immediately. He was fired. Don't you like this? There will be a team boss doing this. He would say, "that guy doesn't respect our national flag and he is fired." The boss of the team, he is my player star will become the most popular people in this country for a week.

Trump also advises fans to boycott professional rugby. Rugby is the most popular sport in the United States. Trump later softened his remarks. He returned to the White House after spending the weekend at his golf club in New Jersey.

When asked specifically whether the players should be fired, trump replied, "I think the boss of the team should do something," but he did not specify.

Roger Godell, President of cheap NFL, who oversees American professional rugby, says Trump's speech is divisive and disrespectful to those who want to express their sincere desire.

When he was asked to comment on what happened on Sunday, trump reiterated his view that kneeling on the national anthem is "a great disrespect for our country and a great disrespect for our national flag."

Many players were angry at Trump's condemnation of the demonstrators two days ago at the Alabama rally.

Godell's predecessor, former NFL President Paul Tagliabue, said Trump's verbal attacks were "disgraceful". Many players said they felt that trump had extended his defamatory remarks to their families before it became serious. The players called on trump to apologize.

Trump did not respond to these criticisms.

The protest in rugby arena began last year when a player's personal behavior. The player said he felt it was necessary to publicly express his dissatisfaction with the treatment of minorities in many parts of the United States. This year, the protests are spreading. Trump has attracted widespread public attention on the issue since last Friday night, resulting in more players willing to make public statements on the topic.

Two teams have abandoned Logan Thomas, but the powerful but poorly polished quarterback will get a third chance.

The New York giant signed him a day after the dolphin Thomas cut off Miami. Then the giant gave up the quarterback B.J. B.J. (B.J. Daniels).

If the Giants decide to keep three quarterbacks in the team, Thomas will have a chance to grow further behind Eli Manning and Ryan Nassib. Thomas entered the league in 2014 with excellent physical fitness, but he has a lot to improve in terms of players and techniques.

The Arizona Cardinals had hoped to pick Thomas and grow up slowly, but gave him up after just one season. Thomas played two games for the Cardinals in the rookie season, passing just once nine times, but it was an 81 yard pass. One year after the dolphin training team, Thomas lost his chance to swim in the dolphins.

Thomas's situation is yet another proof of the NFL's troubles in developing mid-line quarterbacks, and quarterbacks like Thomas, who have great athletic ability but have no chance to grow through competition, will continue to face unfavorable conditions.

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