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In Florence's busiest part of the city, an estimated ten steps away from the landmark Notre Dame's Hundred Flowers Cathedral, church bells can be heard every day - downstairs restaurants of all kinds are everywhere, and a few days there really make Ham & Cheese a good meal - and if you choose a train trip Not only is the accommodation less than 10 minutes'walk from the railway station, but you can also consider asking the landlord to reserve special vehicles for you according to the number of people. I booked his seven seats back and forth. The driver spoke good English and was super friendly. After receiving us, cheap nfl 2018 jerseys took us around the city center.

After communicating with the landlord and the landlord's girlfriend, I realized that all the design of the house was done by both of them. I like the whole black and blue ornament, the whole house is very new and modern. If you've booked Italian lodgings, you know, most of them are traditionally designed, and I think it's better to try out the ideas of young people in the West sometimes.

The landlord's girlfriend, Super Chic, looked very personal, and took cheap nfl jerseys from china around the house to introduce the features: all the bathing things were ferragamo, and there was a lot of fragrance; not only the kitchen was equipped with everything, but also the indoor balcony was equipped with a [bose] sound system, which was just not much better!!!

Of course, the most important thing is his balcony! You can see the scenic spots and the city scenery plus free wine. Watching the sunset at night is really enjoyable.

Warmth and friendliness, problems solved in the first place cheap nfl jerseys

I really recommend this new homestay. It will soon become a hot red net.

Located in Shangmanjuelong, nfl jerseys Simple Elephant Hotel is a harbor for the soul, which is far away from the noise of the world and lives next to the Manlong Guiyu and Tiger Running Mengquan.

The hotel has more than ten delicately designed rooms, each corner is hidden with small surprises, romantic candles on small tables, B&O Bluetooth speakers, refrigerated and heated small refrigerators, the whole area WiFi coverage, advanced heating to help you withstand the cold. Beds are arranged according to the standard above high-star hotels. Bathing products are made from 140-year-old Italian brand Acca Kappa and fragrance luxury brand Le Labo. With white bathtub, a relaxed bath dream can also be made very sweet.

The public hall serves the functions of a coffee shop and a bar. Breakfast is served in the warm sunshine in the morning, cheap jerseys from china is served on the small balcony in the afternoon, a glass of fine beer is served at night. Light rock is best suited to country folk songs and divergent thoughts. The sky outside the window is as cool as water and the night is gorgent. You can also drink tea, chat and daze in the two osmanthus trees.

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Di Ali Gerba and net red Sydney came to take photos.

Small perfume, I do not like the famous brands of perfume, like to find a special flavor of a little bit - so after the little red did some homework, decided to be this! I have a special fondness for jasmine flowers. This Fantine is really my heart!

For its bottle design, it is entirely in line with the elegant lady. The small bottle is easy to carry, and the taste is very fresh and refreshing. The front tone is the more lively and witty flavor of the orange, and then gradually brings out a hint of elegance and gentleness of the jasmine rose. No question

The fragrance is like a jasmine with rain and dew after a heavy rain in summer.

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